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Update Spectral Unmixing example

Updated the SVD call to use the new process.
parent 063de33b
......@@ -142,7 +142,8 @@ px.viz.be_viz_utils.jupyter_visualize_be_spectrograms(h5_main)
# Furthermore, while it is not discussed in this example, pycroscopy also writes back the results from SVD back to
# the same source h5 file including all relevant links to the source dataset and other ancillary datasets
h5_svd_group = px.doSVD(h5_main, num_comps=256)
do_svd = px.processing.svd_utils.SVD(h5_main, num_components=256)
h5_svd_group = do_svd.compute()
h5_u = h5_svd_group['U']
h5_v = h5_svd_group['V']
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