Commit 4082274c authored by Somnath, Suhas's avatar Somnath, Suhas
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Added joblib to list of requirements

parent ca883b94
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ if on_rtd:
requirements = ['numpy_groupies>=0.9.6', 'pyqtgraph>=0.10',
'h5py>=2.6.0', 'igor', 'matplotlib>=2.0.0',
'scikit-learn>=0.17.1', 'xlrd>=1.0.0',
'scikit-learn>=0.17.1', 'xlrd>=1.0.0','joblib>=0.11',
'psutil', 'scikit-image>=0.12.3', 'scipy>=0.17.1',
'numpy>=1.11.0', 'ipywidgets>=5.2.2', 'ipython>=5.1.0']
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