Unverified Commit 32585e28 authored by Somnath, Suhas's avatar Somnath, Suhas Committed by GitHub
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unicode handling ported from cades_dev

parent 3b4f1240
......@@ -398,9 +398,9 @@ class ioHDF5(object):
if isinstance(att_val, Iterable):
if isinstance(att_val, str):
if type(att_val) in [unicode, str]:
return att_val
if np.any([type(x) in [str, bytes] for x in att_val]):
elif np.any([type(x) in [str, unicode, bytes] for x in att_val]):
return np.array(att_val, dtype='S')
if type(att_val) == np.str_:
return str(att_val)
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