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Added a function for resuming computation

parent bcdaf30f
......@@ -50,13 +50,15 @@ class Process(object):
Encapsulates the typical steps performed when applying a processing function to a dataset.
def __init__(self, h5_main, cores=None, max_mem_mb=4*1024, verbose=False):
def __init__(self, h5_main, h5_results_grp=None, cores=None, max_mem_mb=4*1024, verbose=False):
h5_main : h5py.Dataset instance
The dataset over which the analysis will be performed. This dataset should be linked to the spectroscopic
indices and values, and position indices and values datasets.
h5_results_grp : h5py.Datagroup object, optional
Datagroup containing partially computed results
cores : uint, optional
Default - all available cores - 2
How many cores to use for the computation
......@@ -83,19 +85,29 @@ class Process(object):
self._start_pos = 0
self._end_pos = self.h5_main.shape[0]
self._results = None
self.h5_results_grp = None
# Determining the max size of the data that can be put into memory
self._set_memory_and_cores(cores=cores, mem=max_mem_mb)
self.duplicate_h5_groups = []
self.process_name = None # Reset this in the extended classes
self.parms_dict = None
self._results = None
self.h5_results_grp = h5_results_grp
if self.h5_results_grp is not None:
# DON'T check for duplicates since parms_dict has not yet been initialized.
# Sub classes will check by theselves if they are interested.
# Sub classes will check by themselves if they are interested.
def _check_for_duplicates(self):
Checks for instances where the process was applied to the same dataset with the same parameters
duplicate_h5_groups : list of h5py.Datagroup objects
List of groups satisfying the above conditions
duplicate_h5_groups = check_for_old(self.h5_main, self.process_name, new_parms=self.parms_dict)
if self.verbose:
print('Checking for duplicates:')
......@@ -105,6 +117,18 @@ class Process(object):
return duplicate_h5_groups
def _extract_params(self, h5_partial_group):
Extracts the necessary parameters from the provided h5 group to resume computation
h5_partial_group : h5py.Datagroup object
Datagroup containing partially computed results
raise NotImplementedError('Please override the resume_computation specific to your process')
def _set_memory_and_cores(self, cores=1, mem=1024):
Checks hardware limitations such as memory, # cpus and sets the recommended datachunk sizes and the
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