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Model update

Removed _create_fit_dataset from Model class
Renamed _create_fit_dataset to _create_fit_datasets in BELoopModel
parent 10e7a83d
......@@ -1089,7 +1089,7 @@ class BELoopModel(Model):
vdc_shifted = np.roll(vdc_vec, shift_ind)
return shift_ind, vdc_shifted
def _create_fit_dataset(self):
def _create_fit_datasets(self):
Creates the HDF5 Fit dataset and links the it to the ancillary datasets.
......@@ -308,17 +308,6 @@ class Model(object):
return np.array(results)
def _create_fit_dataset(self):
Model specific call that will write the HDF5 fit dataset. pycroscopy requires that the h5 group, guess dataset,
corresponding spectroscopic and position datasets be created and populated at this point.
This function will create the HDF5 dataset for the fit and link it to same ancillary datasets as the guess.
The fit dataset will NOT be populated here but will instead be populated using the __setData function
warn('Please override the _create_fit_dataset specific to your model')
self.h5_fit = None # replace with actual h5 dataset
def do_fit(self, processors=None, solver_type='least_squares', solver_options={'jac': '2-point'},
obj_func={'class': 'Fit_Methods', 'obj_func': 'SHO', 'xvals': np.array([])}):
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