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added one more tutorial

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......@@ -34,15 +34,12 @@ Short tutorials on how to use pycroscopy
* Access h5 files
* Find a specific dataset/group in the file
* Select data within a dataset in various ways - effectively just examples of hdf_utils functions
* Slicing and dicing multidimensional datasets
* Select data within a dataset in various ways
* micro datasets / microdata groups
* position and spectroscopic datasets with multidimensional datasets
* chunking the main dataset
* Setting up interactive visualizers
* Links to tutorials on how to use pycharm, Git,
Longer examples (probably scientific workflows / pipelines)
Longer examples (via specific scientific usecases)
......@@ -59,6 +56,7 @@ Pending:
* How to write your own analysis class
* A tour of the many functions in hdf_utils and io_utils since these functions need data to show / explain them.
* pycroscopy pacakge organization - a short writeup on what is where and differences between the process / analyis submodules
Rama's (older and more applied / specific) tutorial goals
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