Commit 0973cec5 authored by Rama Vasudevan's avatar Rama Vasudevan
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small edit to odf translator

small change to odf translator
parent 9116312d
......@@ -206,6 +206,7 @@ class BEodfTranslator(Translator):
parm_dict['num_bins'] = tot_bins
parm_dict['num_pix'] = num_pix
parm_dict['num_udvs_steps'] = num_actual_udvs_steps
parm_dict['num_steps'] = num_actual_udvs_steps
udvs_slices = dict()
for col_ind, col_name in enumerate(UDVS_labs):
......@@ -277,7 +278,8 @@ class BEodfTranslator(Translator):
h5_chan_grp = create_indexed_group(h5_meas_group, 'Channel')
# Write channel group attributes
write_simple_attrs(h5_chan_grp, {'Channel_Input': 'IO_Analog_Input_1'})
write_simple_attrs(h5_chan_grp, {'Channel_Input': 'IO_Analog_Input_1',
'channel_type': 'BE'})
# Now the datasets!
h5_chan_grp.create_dataset('Excitation_Waveform', data=ex_wfm)
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