Commit 4d6ea7e5 authored by Cooper, Caleb's avatar Cooper, Caleb
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Update, .gitlab-ci-before_script.yml files

parent 39b9f944
# Maintainer: Caleb Cooper
# This GitLab CI file is intended to be included into other projects using:
# include:
# remote:
- curl -O
- source
\ No newline at end of file
- source
# Maintainer: Caleb Cooper
# This BASH script is intended to include functions which can be
# called after the gitlab-ci-before-script.yml file has been included.
func_rse_exit_fail() {
# This example function exits with code 1. Once the gitlab-ci-before-script.yml
# file has been included in a gitlab-ci.yml file, this function can be called
# by adding into the "script:" section "- func_exit_fail".
exit 1
func_rse_docker_cleanup() {
if [[ ! 'docker' =~ $(groups) ]]; then
sudo usermod -a -G docker "${USER}"
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