Commit c458788d authored by Budiardja, Reuben's avatar Budiardja, Reuben
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Reproducer for CCE Bogus Error Message with Stop statement in OpenMP Declare Target subroutine.

parent 3e00397b
!-- This test program generate bogus error message with CCE
!]$ ftn -fopenmp -c StopWithChar.F90
! stop "string message"
!ftn-7060 crayftn: ERROR S, File = StopWithChar.F90, Line = 6
! Unsupported OpenACC construct Fortran character -- t$1
!Cray Fortran : Version
module M
implicit none
subroutine S ( )
!$OMP declare target
stop "string message"
end subroutine S
end module M
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