Commit 51c89186 authored by Budiardja, Reuben's avatar Budiardja, Reuben
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Added new test case with associate construct.

parent 502d6322
module CONSTANT_Singleton
implicit none
integer, public, parameter :: &
KDR = kind ( 1.d0 )
type, public :: ConstantSingleton
real ( KDR ) :: &
PI = acos ( -1.0_KDR ), &
SPEED_OF_LIGHT = 2.99792458e+8_KDR, &
PLANCK_REDUCED = 1.054571800e-34_KDR
end type ConstantSingleton
type ( ConstantSingleton ), public, parameter :: &
CONSTANT = ConstantSingleton ( )
end module CONSTANT_Singleton
program TestValue
use CONSTANT_Singleton
implicit none
associate ( Pi => CONSTANT % PI )
print*, 'Pi = ', Pi
end associate
end program TestValue
Some compiler failed to produce the correct value when associate construct is
used with member of derived type declared as module variable.
This test problem reproduce this issue with such compiler when optimization
was used.
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