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    • Adams, Austin Joel's avatar
      qpp Accelerator: Check for post-measure gates more accurately · e741af2d
      Adams, Austin Joel authored
      As a result of XACC IR being serialized, it's possible to have gates
      follow Measure instructions without the circuit truly having
      post-measure gates. For example:
          H 0
          Measure 0
          H 1
          Measure 1
      In cases like that, the current QppAccelerator decides it cannot
      simulate the circuit once and repeatedly sample the resulting state
      vector to simulate "runs." That is an overzealous judgment, since none
      of the gates that follow the Measure instructions actually depend on the
      results of measurements.
      So instead, in the QppAccelerator logic detecting post-measurement
      gates, track which qubits have been measured, and only report
      post-measurement gates if it sees a gate operating on a qubit with an
      earlier Measure instruction.
      Signed-off-by: Adams, Austin Joel's avatarAustin Adams <>
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    • Adams, Austin Joel's avatar
      IBM: Make bidirectional couplings when server sends no coupling_map · ec9c48e2
      Adams, Austin Joel authored
      In the IBM backend, we require [x, y] to exist in the coupling map to
      execute CX x,y -- [y, x] in the coupling map is not enough. So when IBM
      does not include a coupling_map for a given backend, we need to include
      both [i,j] and [j,i] for all qubits i,j s.t. i != j in the coupling map
      we create; currently, we only include [i,j] for all qubits i,j with i <
      j, which will cause errors if a circuit includes CX j,i.
      Signed-off-by: Adams, Austin Joel's avatarAustin Adams <>