Commit ff34c92a authored by Nguyen, Thien Minh's avatar Nguyen, Thien Minh
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Handle honeywell backend status

Currently, we terminate if the backend is not online.
This can be inconvenient for batch mode (vector<Composite>) since the backend can go into 'in maintenance' status.

Hence, changed the logic to only terminate if the status is 'offline' (according to the calendar).
Otherwise, try polling.

Signed-off-by: Nguyen, Thien Minh's avatarThien Nguyen <>
parent 681830d1
......@@ -167,13 +167,24 @@ void HoneywellAccelerator::execute(
"Please specify a honeywell backend in your getAccelerator() call.");
auto qasm = getNativeCode(circuit);
auto backend_status = get(url, "machine/"+backend, generateRequestHeader());
auto status_J = nlohmann::json::parse(backend_status);
if (status_J["state"] != "online") {
xacc::error("Cannot run on " + backend + ", it is not online.");
while (true) {
auto backend_status =
get(url, "machine/" + backend, generateRequestHeader());
auto status_J = nlohmann::json::parse(backend_status);
// xacc::info("\nHoneywell status:\n" + backend_status);
// If offline, terminate
if (status_J["state"] == "offline") {
xacc::error("Cannot run on " + backend + ", it is offline.");
// If online, continue to run
if (status_J["state"] == "online") {
// If status = 'in maintenance', wait for a bit and try again
xacc::info("Honeywell is '" + std::string(status_J["state"]) +
"', waiting for a bit...");
xacc::info("\nHoneywell sending qasm:\n" + qasm);
nlohmann::json j;
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