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......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ To install this plugin, run the following
You have now installed the D-Wave plugin. It is located in ``$XACC_ROOT/lib/plugins/accelerator`` and ``$XACC_ROOT/lib/plugins/compilers``, where XACC_ROOT is your XACC install prefix.
Extensibility for Minor Graph Embedding Algorithms
XACC has extensibility built in for minor graph embedding
algorithms. We currently have one supported embedding algorithm (with more coming online), a wrapper around the D-Wave SAPI Cai, Macready, Roi algorithm. In order to install this as a plugin, run the following
......@@ -114,19 +114,11 @@ or for a more complicated gate Instruction:
After walking the IR tree, the Quil representation is produced with a call to getQuilString().
Executing Quil code on Rigetti QVM
With the XACC IR mapped to Quil, the RigettiAccelerator is ready to execute
on the Rigetti QVM. The main task here is to construct the proper JSON payload string
that contains information about the type of the execution, the classical memory address
indices, and the Quil instructions string. The types of execution that the QVM allows are
multishot, multishot-measure, wavefunction, and expectation. In this work, we have primarily focused
on the multishot method. If the execution type is
multishot, then we can provide a further JSON key that is an integer that gives the
number of executions of the Quil code to run.
Rigetti QVM Tutorial
Let's test out the Rigetti Accelerator by creating a code to
perform quantum teleportation.
Create a new directory called test-xacc-rigetti and cd into it. Let's now create a
test-xacc-rigetti.cpp file and get it started with the following boilerplate code:
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