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Merge pull request #456 from tnguyen-ornl/tnguyen/fix-pulse-acquire-memory-slot

The acquire pulse must use memory slots from 0, not the measured qubit
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......@@ -99,7 +99,15 @@ std::vector<xacc::ibm_pulse::Instruction> alignMeasurePulseInstructions(
if (!acquiredBits.empty()) {
auto mergedAcquire = acquireInsts.front();
// Use the same logic as QASM-based measurements:
// i.e. use memory slots from 0 onward.
// This is important for the AcceleratorBuffer to summarize the bit count
// later.
// e.g. when only measure qubit 1 (acquire pulse), we need to map the result
// to memory slot 0, not 1.
std::vector<int64_t> memory_slots(acquiredBits.size());
std::iota(std::begin(memory_slots), std::end(memory_slots), 0);
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