Commit 02982c5e authored by Adams, Austin Joel's avatar Adams, Austin Joel
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IBM Backend: Default to multi_meas_enabled=false if missing

Currently the JSON configuration for some IBM backends does not include
multi_meas_enabled at all, causing a crash. Try to handle this, but be
conservative and assume no multi_meas_enabled means

Signed-off-by: Adams, Austin Joel's avatarAustin Adams <>
parent 768c97f9
......@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@ void IBMAccelerator::initialize(const HeterogeneousMap &params) {
chosenBackend = availableBackends[backend];
xacc::info("Backend config:\n" + chosenBackend.dump());
multi_meas_enabled = chosenBackend["multi_meas_enabled"].get<bool>();
multi_meas_enabled = chosenBackend.value("multi_meas_enabled", false);
defaults_response =
IBM_CREDENTIALS_PATH + "/devices/" + backend + "/defaults", {},
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