Commit e81b8f17 authored by Dmitry I. Lyakh's avatar Dmitry I. Lyakh

Added notes to Tensor class concerning TensorSignature.

parent 12906362
......@@ -4,6 +4,25 @@ REVISION: 2018/12/18
Copyright (C) 2018-2018 Dmitry I. Lyakh (Liakh)
Copyright (C) 2018-2018 Oak Ridge National Laboratory (UT-Battelle) **/
/** NOTES:
Tensor specification requires:
(a) Symbolic tensor name;
(b) Tensor shape (extents of all tensor dimensions);
(c) Optional tensor signature.
Tensor signature identifies the tensor or its slice. Tensor signature
requires providing a pair<SpaceId,SubspaceId> for each tensor dimension.
It has two alternative specifications:
(a) SpaceId = SOME_SPACE: In this case, SubspaceId is the lower bound
of the specified tensor slice (0 means the full tensor). The upper
bound is computed by adding the dimension extent to the lower bound - 1.
The defining vector space (SOME_SPACE) is just an abstract vector space.
(b) SpaceId != SOME_SPACE: In this case, SpaceId refers to a registered
vector space and the SubspaceId refers to a registered subspace of
this vector space. The subspace will carry lower/upper bounds of the
specified tensor tensor slice. SubspaceId = 0 refers to the full space.
#ifndef TENSOR_HPP_
#define TENSOR_HPP_
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