Commit cd316e2f authored by Dmitry I. Lyakh's avatar Dmitry I. Lyakh

Implemented TensorNetwork::exportContractionSequence() method.

parent 93d0cfbb
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......@@ -496,6 +496,12 @@ void TensorNetwork::importContractionSequence(const std::list<ContrTriple> & con
const std::list<ContrTriple> & TensorNetwork::exportContractionSequence() const
return contraction_seq_;
bool TensorNetwork::placeTensor(unsigned int tensor_id, //in: tensor id (unique within the tensor network)
std::shared_ptr<Tensor> tensor, //in: appended tensor
const std::vector<TensorLeg> & connections, //in: tensor connections (fully specified)
......@@ -335,6 +335,9 @@ protected:
/** Imports and caches an externally provided tensor contraction sequence. **/
void importContractionSequence(const std::list<ContrTriple> & contr_sequence);
/** Returns the currently stored tensor contraction sequence, if any. **/
const std::list<ContrTriple> & exportContractionSequence() const;
/** Resets the output tensor in a finalized tensor network to a new
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