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started refactoring script to be used with compiler, needs more tests

parent c33bbce9
......@@ -181,8 +181,8 @@ endif()
"${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/exatn-config.cmake" @ONLY)
install(FILES "${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/exatn-config.cmake" DESTINATION .)
\ No newline at end of file
\ No newline at end of file
#!/user/bin/env python3
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import argparse, sys, os, subprocess, mimetypes
# This is an llvm-config inspired python script which returns some of the compile
# flags to the user. Running script like:
# $ exatn-config --includes
# prints the include directories used in the build
import argparse, sys, os
def main(argv=None):
# First get some basic things that are guaranteed to be used
verbose = False
compiler = '@CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER'
baseLibs = ['-rdynamic','-Wl,-rpath,@CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX@/lib',
'-L', '@CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX@/lib', '-lCppMicroServices']
# Put this one in a string first so that it comes out as a 1D list
cxxflag = '@CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS@'
cxxFlags = [cxxflag]
incDirs = '@INC_DIRS@'.split(';')
baseIncludes = ['@CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX@/include/exatn'] + incDirs
# Make lists for other flags that might be needed
LDFlags = ['']
# Make booleans to indicate what should be added to the command
useLibs = False
useLDFlags = False
useIncludes = False
useCXXFlags = False
# Give a print statement of what is about to be sent to the compiler
if '--verbose' in sys.argv[1:]:
verbose = True
# Print out libraries that are used in CMake
if '--libs' in sys.argv[1:]:
print("Base libraries can be found in @CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX@/lib")
useLibs = True
# Split up the mpi libraries based on how cmake hands them
mpiLibs = mpiLibs.split(';')
print('The MPI libraries are')
for string in mpiLibs:
print(string + ', ')
baseLibs += mpiLibs
# Print out the linker flags used in CMake
if '--ldflags' in sys.argv[1:]:
mpiCxxLinkFlags = '@MPI_CXX_LINK_FLAGS@'
mpiFortranLinkFlags = '@MPI_FORTRAN_LINK_FLAGS@'
openMP = '@OpenMP_CXX_FLAGS@'
print("Linker flags for MPI are: " + mpiCxxLinkFlags + ' ' + mpiFortranLinkFlags + ' ' + openMP)
useLDFlags = True
# Add the MPI and/or openMPI libraries, if they exist. Otherwise will be empty
# Put them in strings first so they don't get added as individual letters
mpiFlags = '@MPI_CXX_LINK_FLAGS@'.split(',')
LDFlags += mpiFlags
openmpFlags = '@OpenMP_CXX_FLAGS@'.split(',')
LDFlags += openmpFlags
# Print out the include directories from CMake
if '--includes' in sys.argv[1:]:
baseIncludes = ['@CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX@/include/exatn']
cmakeIncludes = '@INC_DIRS@'
cmakeIncludes = cmakeIncludes.split(';')
print("The include directories are:")
print(baseIncludes + cmakeIncludes)
useIncludes = True
#Print out the CXX flags from CMake
# Print out the CXX flags from CMake
if '--cxxflags' in sys.argv[1:]:
print('CXX compiler used is: @CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER@')
print('The CXX flags used in compilation are: @CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS@')
useCXXFlags = True
# If the executable name is in the sys.argv, remove it
sys.argv[0] = ''
if 'exatn-config' in sys.argv[1:]:
commands = sys.argv
# Add all of the desired things to the command string
if useLibs:
commands += baseLibs
if useLDFlags:
commands += LDFlags
if useIncludes:
commands += baseIncludes
if useCXXFlags:
commands += cxxFlags
commandString = ' '.join([c for c in commands])
# Print it if desired
if verbose:
print('Exatn compiling: ' + commandString)
# Try to execute it at the command line
result =, check=True)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
return e.returncode
return 0
if __name__ == "__main__":
\ No newline at end of file
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