This is a release candidate for the upcoming v2.4.0 release in June 30th 2019. The v2.4.0-rc1 release should be considered stable and suitable for testing deployment as a module on HPC platforms. We recommend users to migrate to this version to test for the upcoming v2.4.0 and report any outstanding issue.


  • Moved completely to fix width types in all bindings to facilitate portable types and bpls output
  • Stable high-level APIs for Python and C++ supporting local variables
  • Added NULL Engine to measure Engine overall overhead
  • Variable<T>::Span provide access to the engine buffer memory in Write mode (C++ APIs) similar to C++20 std::span of a std::vector
  • New functionality in Fortran and C APIs for handling strings in a safer mode
  • Fixed several bugs: Substreams aggregation, endian interoperability, bpls
  • Update documentation: