Commit b43d5b05 authored by Wang, Ruonan's avatar Wang, Ruonan
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fixed things in cmake to add MPI Fortran tests

parent 10c8e140
......@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ set (SIMPLE_MPI_FORTRAN_TESTS "")
set (SIMPLE_MPI_TESTS "2x1;1x2;3x5;5x3;DelayedReader_3x5;3x5LockGeometry;2x1.Local;1x2.Local;3x5.Local;5x3.Local;2x1ZeroDataVar;2x1ZeroDataR64")
list (APPEND SPECIAL_TESTS "2x1.NoPreload;2x3.ForcePreload")
if (ADIOS_HAVE_Fortran)
if (ADIOS2_HAVE_Fortran)
set (SIMPLE_MPI_FORTRAN_TESTS "FtoC.3x5;CtoF.3x5;FtoF.3x5")
......@@ -116,6 +116,11 @@ set (FtoC.1x1_CMD "$<CONFIG> -nw 1 -nr 1 -w $<TARGET_FILE:TestCommo
set (CtoF.1x1_CMD "$<CONFIG> -nw 1 -nr 1 -r $<TARGET_FILE:TestCommonRead_f>")
set (FtoF.1x1_CMD "$<CONFIG> -nw 1 -nr 1 -w $<TARGET_FILE:TestCommonWrite_f> -r $<TARGET_FILE:TestCommonRead_f>")
# MPI Fortran tests, Fortran to C, C to Fortran and Fortran to Fortran
set (FtoC.3x5_CMD "$<CONFIG> -nw 3 -nr 5 -w $<TARGET_FILE:TestCommonWrite_f>")
set (CtoF.3x5_CMD "$<CONFIG> -nw 3 -nr 5 -r $<TARGET_FILE:TestCommonRead_f>")
set (FtoF.3x5_CMD "$<CONFIG> -nw 3 -nr 5 -w $<TARGET_FILE:TestCommonWrite_f> -r $<TARGET_FILE:TestCommonRead_f>")
# Tests for ZFP compression (where supported by an engine param)
set (ZFPCompression.1x1_CMD "$<CONFIG> -nw 1 -nr 1 --warg=CompressionMethod=zfp,WENGINE_PARAMS" )
set (ZFPCompression.3x5_CMD "$<CONFIG> -nw 3 -nr 5 --warg=CompressionMethod=zfp,WENGINE_PARAMS" )
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