Commit 8ab2f8eb authored by Kai Germaschewski's avatar Kai Germaschewski
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bpls: fix some warnings for size_t printf arguments

%PRIu64 is for uint64_t, %zu is for size_t, which on the Mac (and 32-bit
archs) aren't aliases.
parent f8e3acaf
......@@ -1530,12 +1530,12 @@ int readVar(core::Engine *fp, core::IO *io, core::Variable<T> *variable)
auto shape = variable->Shape(absstep);
if (verbose > 2)
printf(" starting step=%" PRIu64 " absolute step=%" PRIu64
printf(" starting step=%" PRIu64 " absolute step=%zu"
", dims={",
stepStart, absstep);
for (auto dim : shape)
printf("%" PRIu64 " ", dim);
printf("%zu", dim);
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