Commit fdfbb72e authored by Juve, Gideon's avatar Juve, Gideon
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Clean up acme-archive script

parent 871166ee
......@@ -31,16 +31,26 @@ if [ -z "$STAGE" ]; then
exit 1
if ! [ -z "$PBS_O_WORKDIR" ]; then
# Get the case name
CASE=$(./xmlquery CASE -valonly -silent)
# Get the full path to the run directory
RUNDIR=$(./xmlquery RUNDIR -valonly -silent)
RUNDIR=$(cd $RUNDIR && pwd)
# Get the workflow scratch directory
# The tar works better from the run dir
# Touch this file here so that it will always exist, even if it is empty
# for the first stage
touch outputs_to_ignore
# Tar up all the output files, but ignore outputs from previous stages
tar -czv -f $DIR/${CASE}.stage${STAGE}.tar.gz -X outputs_to_ignore ${CASE}.*
# Update the ignore file to ignore outputs from the current stage
ls ${CASE}.* > outputs_to_ignore
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