Commit ea0c0191 authored by Juve, Gideon's avatar Juve, Gideon
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Add 6 month test case

parent 8e46c66c
# This is the name of the case. This should be the name of the directory
# relative to "shared-scratch" from the site catalog. For example, if
# your shared-scratch is /scratch/juve, and casename is mycase, then the
# case should be set up in /scratch/juve/mycase
casename = F1850.g37.6mos
# This is the number of cores to use for each stage
mppwidth = 24
# This is the unit of simulation time
stop_option = ndays
# This is the number of simulation time units to run for each stage
stop_n = 60, 60, 60
# This is the walltime for each stage in minutes
walltime = 60, 60, 60
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