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......@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@ ACME-Workflow
Pegasus workflow for ACME climate models.
Consult the [CESM User's Guide](
for more information about the climate code used by this workflow.
On Hopper
You need to create the case while logged into Hopper.
......@@ -23,9 +26,10 @@ option for the Pegasus planner so that CASEDIR will become Pegasus' scratch dir.
$ ./create_newcase -case $CASEDIR -mach hopper -compset F1850 -res T31_g37 -project m2187
In this case "m2187" is our Hopper project ID, and "mach" means "machine"
and should be set to "hopper". The "compset" defines what initial conditions
you want to use, and "res" specifies the resolution. Possible compsets: F1850, B1850.
Possible resolutions: ne30_g16, T31_g37.
and should be set to "hopper". The "compset" defines the component set, or the
set of model components and configuration you want to use, and "res" specifies
the resolution, or grid setting. Possible compsets include: F1850, B1850.
Possible grids include: ne30_g16, T31_g37.
2. Make any manual changes to the case that are required for your simulation.
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