1. 24 Feb, 2017 1 commit
  2. 06 Feb, 2017 1 commit
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      Fix quadrature compilation issues with gcc 6.3.1-1 · 46ec5042
      JasonPries authored
      Definition of static constexpr double[] in TriangleQuadrature structs were behaving differently between different versions of gcc. The latest gcc 6.3.1-1 didn't like the fact that the ODR was being violated, whereas some previous versions didn't care.
      The definitions need to be visible in the Physics headers, so the quadrature rules were moved to a separate library and the definitions were moved to a cpp file.
  3. 27 Dec, 2016 1 commit
  4. 13 Dec, 2016 1 commit
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      Refactor after move to CMake/GoogleTest (#1) · 7acb9b2f
      Jason Pries authored
      * Translate tests from CMake to GoogleTest
      * Split Branch/Star/Constellation into multiple files
      * Update Sketch.save_as to create directory if it does not exist using Boost::Filesystem
      * Split Constraint.h/Constraint.cpp into multiple h/cpp files
      * Split Pattern.h/Pattern.cpp into multiple h/cpp files
      * Separate mesh/Point class in to own Point.h/Point.cpp files
      * Separate mesh/utility functions into own util.h/util.cpp files
      * Fixed problem with Sketch Contour/Boundary parsing related to supremum calculations
      * Added .oesk extension for sketch output files
      * Added .oeme extension for mesh output files
      * Add build_gallery.py python script. Parses ./build/test/output directory for .oesk and .oeme files and saves images using matplotlib
      * Removed using namespace std
      * Updated implementation of RotateCopy
      * Added RemoveInternalBoundary option to Pattern and subclasses
      * Rewrote Mesh::locate_triangle function
      * Changed type of Mesh.Points from vector<Point*> to vector<Point>
      * Changed Edge members from type Edge* to type size_t
      * Cleanup of Edge and Node access interface in Mesh
      * Change Mesh::Edges from type std::vector<Edge*> to std::Vector<Edge>
      * Add std::vector<DartConstraint> Constraints to Mesh. Revamp of constraint handling.
      * Change Sketch Variable and Vertex vectors from raw pointers to shared pointers
      * Change Sketch Boundary and Contour vector from raw pointers to shared pointers
      * Change Sketch Pattern vector from raw pointers to shared pointers
      * Change Sketch Constraint and Curve vectors from raw pointers to shared pointers
      * Fix memory leaks
      * Cleanup of Sketch and reorganization of dependencies
      * Add shared_ptr const correctness to Sketch
      * Robustified implementation of Sketch::solve()
      * Started refactorization of mesh refinement control algorithm
  5. 12 Oct, 2016 1 commit