1. 09 Oct, 2017 2 commits
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      Initial implementation of CylindricalAirgap class which automates creation of... · 730d2d1f
      Pries, Jason authored
      Initial implementation of CylindricalAirgap class which automates creation of multiple annuli between two radii
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      Initial attempt at Torque post processing · 0abb4580
      Pries, Jason authored
      Problems with discontinuous material boundaries have fields which suffer from jump discontinuities
      This means the divergence of the Maxwell stress tensor is impulsive at material interfaces
      Evaluating net force/torque using body forces requires both volumetric and surface integrals in these cases
      This is a nontrivial excercise
      In the meantime, the next step will be to add a special calculation method for cylindrical airgaps
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      Start of de-templating Physics implementation · 07c274f3
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          Part of this involves using more shared pointers and vectors (as opposed to arrays) as certain member variables
          Some of that has been done, some work may (probably) still needs to be done
          It's been a few months since this has been looked at so it will require some review
      This is a bit of a mess right now
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      Implements Mesh smoothing and MappedBoundaryPair · 27c32224
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      Mesh::smooth() is based on satisfaction of a Laplacian condition
      MappedBoundaryPair guarantees correct behavior of PeriodicBoundaryConditions when the UniformDiscretization option is set to false
  12. 13 Mar, 2017 1 commit