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Complete implementation of rotational motion, contour selection from Mesh

Implement more rotational motion tests
parent a80d59d4
#include "test_Sketch.hpp"
TEST(Sketch_Integration, Discontinuous_CircularArc_Boundary) {
Sketch s;
auto v0 = s.new_element<Vertex>(0.0,0.0);
auto v1 = s.new_element<Vertex>(1.0,0.0);
auto v1p = s.new_element<Vertex>(1.0,0.0);
auto v2 = s.new_element<Vertex>(0.0,1.0);
auto v2p = s.new_element<Vertex>(0.0,1.0);
auto v3 = s.new_element<Vertex>(2.0,0.0);
auto v4 = s.new_element<Vertex>(0.0,2.0);
auto l01 = s.new_element<LineSegment>(v0,v1);
auto l02 = s.new_element<LineSegment>(v0,v2);
auto c012 = s.new_element<CircularArc>(v1,v2,v0,1.0);
auto l1p3 = s.new_element<LineSegment>(v1p,v3);
auto l2p4 = s.new_element<LineSegment>(v2p,v4);
auto c01p2p = s.new_element<CircularArc>(v1p,v2p,v0,1.0);
auto c034 = s.new_element<CircularArc>(v3,v4,v0,2.0);
double_t residual = s.solve();
bool result =;
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