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......@@ -5,14 +5,14 @@ This is a list of some of my projects. If you have any questions this is my emai
## Work projects
* [`Differential privacy for streaming applications and edge`](
* [`Granger causality to measure misinformation impact`](
* [`Reinforcement Learning for scalable load management system`](
* [`Reinforcement learning for scalable load management system`](
* [`Information extraction from semantic medline`](
* [`Association mining and markov chain for identifying abnormal behvaior`](
## Projects with the students
* [`Spatial clustering and correlation for building energy`](
* [`Effectiveness of k-annonimuty, l-diversity, t-closeness and differential privacy`](
* [`Benchmark Analysis of Local Differential Privacy Algorithms`](
* [`Benchmark analysis of local differential privacy algorithms`](
## Tutorials
* [`Tutorial on Intelligent Control of IoT-based Systems`](
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