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## Supplemental information for "Data visualization heuristics for the physical sciences"
Chad M. Parish* and Philip D. Edmondson <br>
Chad M. Parish and Philip D. Edmondson <br>
Fundamentals of Radiation Effect Group <br>
Materials Science and Tecnhology Division <br>
Oak Ridge National Laboratory <br>
......@@ -8,9 +8,21 @@ Paper published in Materials and Design <br>
# If you use any of these codes, please cite:<br>
C.M. Parish and P. D. Edmondson, "Data visualization heuristics for the physical sciences,"
Materials and Design, <b>V179</b> (2019) #107868<br> <br>
Citation: <br>
title={Data visualization heuristics for the physical sciences},
author={Parish, Chad M and Edmondson, Philip D},
journal={Materials \& Design},
Contact: <br>
`` <br>
tested on Anaconda Python 3.6.8 and 3.7<br>
Matplotlib 3.0.x<br>
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