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Add Agarwal et al. citation.

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......@@ -201,10 +201,13 @@
### Perform the calculation
The details here are from:<br>
Stoller, R.E., Toloczko, M.B., Was, G.S., Certain, A.G., Dwaraknath, S. and Garner, F.A., 2013. On the use of SRIM for computing radiation damage exposure. <i>Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research section B: beam interactions with materials and atoms</i>, <b>310</b>, pp.75-80.
<span style="color:firebrick">Addendum 2021-07-23:</span>
Please see the recent paper S. Agarwal, Y. Lin, C. Li, R. E. Stoller, and S. J. Zinkle, "On the use of SRIM for calculating vacancy production: Quick calculation and full-cascade options," <i>Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms</i>, <b>503</b>, pp.11-29, prior to using results output from this code in order to be sure you understand the proper range of application and internal calculation options of SRIM.
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``` python
fluence = float(input('Please enter the fluence (ions/cm^2): '))
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