Commit 516db68b authored by Parish, Chad's avatar Parish, Chad
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Fix small typos

parent 751286b6
......@@ -115,11 +115,11 @@
clr = 'black'
ax[j, i].text(0.98, 0.02, '('+alphabet[count]+')', transform=ax[j,i].transAxes, fontsize=20,
verticalalignment='bottom', horizontalalignment='right', color=clr,
bbox={'facecolor':'white', 'alpha':0.7, 'pad':2, 'edgecolor':'white'})
count += 1
ax[j, i].
# Label the rows and columns
for i, x in enumerate(colormap_type):
ax[0, i].set_title(x, size=24)
for j, y in enumerate(data_type):
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