Commit 8827771a authored by Miniskar, Narasinga Rao's avatar Miniskar, Narasinga Rao 🏄🏿
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Fixed a warning

parent 22d666a2
......@@ -256,7 +256,7 @@ class DeffeFramework:
if len(preload_samples) != 0:
self.InsertEvaluatedParamDataToFrame((0, np.array(preload_samples)),
pruned_param_list, parameter_values)
self.InsertEvaluatedCostDataToFrame((0, np.array(preload_samples)), np.array(batch_output))
self.InsertEvaluatedCostDataToFrame((0, np.array(preload_samples)), np.array(batch_output, dtype=object))
# Preload the data if anything is configured
if self.only_preloaded_data_exploration:
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