Commit 18d86855 authored by Miniskar, Narasinga Rao's avatar Miniskar, Narasinga Rao 🏄🏿
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Updated as per current keras

parent 0c230a59
......@@ -21,9 +21,9 @@ import matplotlib.colors as mcolors
import glob
import os
import tensorflow as tf
from keras.utils import plot_model
from keras.callbacks.callbacks import Callback
from keras.callbacks import ModelCheckpoint
#from keras.utils import plot_model
from tensorflow.keras.callbacks import Callback
from tensorflow.keras.callbacks import ModelCheckpoint
from keras.models import Sequential
import keras.backend as K
import keras.losses
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ class KerasCNN(BaseMLModel):
self.model_name = "model.png"
if name != "":
self.model_name = name + "_model.png"
tf.keras.utils.plot_model(self.model, to_file=self.model_name)
#tf.keras.utils.plot_model(self.model, to_file=self.model_name)
self.loss_fn = args.loss
if self.framework.args.loss != "":
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