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  1. 16 Sep, 2021 5 commits
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  4. 24 Jun, 2021 1 commit
    • walshmm's avatar
      Pd261 cross correlation max bin shift param (#31855) · 20204472
      walshmm authored
      * added additional param to control max shift
      * building blocks for test data generator
      * organized components into objects and tests
      * updated parameters for b2bexpconvpv defaults
      * added appropriate logic for max shift, still need to refactor
      * refactored a bit, deobfuscated names
      * fixed some unintention text changes
      * moved shiftCorrection Calc, changed maxBins calc
      * fixed upper bound issue
      * apparently some formatting errors slipped through?
      * better way of getting the bin width
      * crop cc spectra to region
      * a better way of cropping the cc spectra, courtesy of rosswhitfield
      * CrossCorrelateTestData fix for non rhel platforms
      * warning fixes, hopefully
      * forgot to commit the use of an unused variable
      * wip test fixes and changes
      * Change to use a simpler function
      * Create new workspace with only the reference spectrum
      * Add second spectrum with horizontal shift
      * merge and modified some cross correlate data
      * Fill in the other function types for fake data
      * wip debugging test stuff, failing spectrum range
      * Change logging method
      * Minor refactor to collect methods
      * Dynamically get number of spectra
      * Fix CrossCorrelateTestData, need to fix hard codes difc/difa/t0 values
      * added test cases for the CC of a few spectra in a couple algos
      * added to cmake file, allowed me to remove gauss simplex def
      * revert, breaks on ubuntu, cant add to cmake without removing simplex
      * need these changes back, found a solution
      * moved gauss declaration fixes cmake issue
      * moved TOF to DSpacing conversion vals/calcs
      * added fix for logging, requires newline char
      * add dllexport to see if that fixes windows
      * remove anon namespace while I look into other solutions
      * added release notes for new CrossCorrelate param
      * moved new param to end for backwards compatibility
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHarry Hughes <>
      Co-authored-by: Peterson, Peter's avatarPete Peterson <>
      Co-authored-by: Whitfield, Ross's avatarRoss Whitfield <>
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    • Danny Hindson's avatar
      Various changes · a28fc710
      Danny Hindson authored and Zhang, Chen's avatar Zhang, Chen committed
      Update some more unit tests to cope with changes MomentumTransfer unit
      to make it use the diff constants
      Improve validation on the L2\ttheta params in dSpacing unit
      Allow negative DIFCs in conversions to TOF -
      do this by setting up validation on to FromTOF direction only
      Revert some files now that I'm doing more "input" averaging in DIFC
      calculation on spectra with more than one detector