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      New absorption weighted path length calculation · 637c0509
      Danny Hindson authored
      Monte Carlo simulation to calculate a quantity called absorption
      weighted path length that is used in extinction correction calculations
      downstream from Mantid eg in Jana. Requested by WISH. Specific changes:
      - new AddAbsorptionWeightedPathLengths algorithm that uses the existing MCAbsorptionStrategy class to do most of leg work
      - adjust the MCAbsorptionStrategy class to make the code more reusable for calculation involving a single wavelength such as the absorption weighted path length for a peak. In particular change the Calculate function signature to replace the HistoramData and Spectrum parameters with simple vectors and move the interpolation functionality back into the MonteCarloAbsorption algorithm
      - extend the Peak class to add in an extra column called tbar for the absorption weighted path length + get\set functions. Also expose the get\set in the Python interface
      - update SaveReflections python algorithm to write the actual tbar value for each peak in a peaksworkspace out to Jana file instead of zero
      - add the absorption weighted path length to the nexus file and adjust save\load code
  4. 07 Apr, 2020 1 commit
    • Giovanni Di Siena's avatar
      Replace boost::shared with std::shared · 11994bc3
      Giovanni Di Siena authored and Gigg, Martyn Anthony's avatar Gigg, Martyn Anthony committed
      In places other substitutions have been made, e.g
      Clang does not yet specialize std::shared_ptr for T[]. Vector
      has been used instead. The operator[] methods were incorrectly
      marked const but returning a non-const reference - this has been fixed.
      Refs #25842
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  7. 24 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • Martyn Gigg's avatar
      Use IObject::distance to compute virtual peak position · bb9915dd
      Martyn Gigg authored
      For some peaks not on a detector the intersection code
      can given false positives that not intersection is
      possible due to precision issues. In our case we only
      need the distance to any intersection point on the surface
      regardless of whether it is an entry/exit/undefined type
      of track.
      Refs #26690
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