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      Pd261 cross correlation max bin shift param (#31855) · 20204472
      walshmm authored
      * added additional param to control max shift
      * building blocks for test data generator
      * organized components into objects and tests
      * updated parameters for b2bexpconvpv defaults
      * added appropriate logic for max shift, still need to refactor
      * refactored a bit, deobfuscated names
      * fixed some unintention text changes
      * moved shiftCorrection Calc, changed maxBins calc
      * fixed upper bound issue
      * apparently some formatting errors slipped through?
      * better way of getting the bin width
      * crop cc spectra to region
      * a better way of cropping the cc spectra, courtesy of rosswhitfield
      * CrossCorrelateTestData fix for non rhel platforms
      * warning fixes, hopefully
      * forgot to commit the use of an unused variable
      * wip test fixes and changes
      * Change to use a simpler function
      * Create new workspace with only the reference spectrum
      * Add second spectrum with horizontal shift
      * merge and modified some cross correlate data
      * Fill in the other function types for fake data
      * wip debugging test stuff, failing spectrum range
      * Change logging method
      * Minor refactor to collect methods
      * Dynamically get number of spectra
      * Fix CrossCorrelateTestData, need to fix hard codes difc/difa/t0 values
      * added test cases for the CC of a few spectra in a couple algos
      * added to cmake file, allowed me to remove gauss simplex def
      * revert, breaks on ubuntu, cant add to cmake without removing simplex
      * need these changes back, found a solution
      * moved gauss declaration fixes cmake issue
      * moved TOF to DSpacing conversion vals/calcs
      * added fix for logging, requires newline char
      * add dllexport to see if that fixes windows
      * remove anon namespace while I look into other solutions
      * added release notes for new CrossCorrelate param
      * moved new param to end for backwards compatibility
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHarry Hughes <>
      Co-authored-by: Peterson, Peter's avatarPete Peterson <>
      Co-authored-by: Whitfield, Ross's avatarRoss Whitfield <>
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