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    • David Fairbrother's avatar
      Return shared_pointer in Python WorkspaceGroup.getItem() · caa79cf2
      David Fairbrother authored
      Resolves an issue where a weak pointer is returned from
      WorkspaceGroup.getItem(n), this causes the workspace to fall out of
      scope with the WS Group, even if packed into another list.
      Originally the behaviour is to match the ADS using weak pointers, so
      that lifetime is tied the ADS object. However, in this case getting
      items from WorkspaceGroups using .getItems will now live as long as
      there is a Python reference if the object was not in the ADS
      When the object exists in the ADS we decay to a weak pointer instead,
      which ties the lifetime to the data service instance. This prevents a
      memory leak where a user will reference the file in a script from the
      GUI, then delete the workspace from the ADS. As the script would still
      hold a ref Mantid would appear to leak memory, which would subvert user
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    • Danny Hindson's avatar
      Revert MatrixWorkspace::isHistogramData API to original form · b0e14e06
      Danny Hindson authored
      Based on review comments, revert the isHistogramData method to its
      original form without any parameters to avoid encouraging creation
      of matrix workspaces containing histograms with mix of xModes
      Create private function instead that allows a specific histogram to
      be checked
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    • Harriet Brown's avatar
      Respond to reviewer comments · cb9024b0
      Harriet Brown authored
      This commit adds release notes for the new linking error columns function and notes on the linking withing muon analysis.
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    • Mathieu Tillet's avatar
      Remove unused TCMalloc linking flag · 87e00db3
      Mathieu Tillet authored
      As a first step for switching from TCMalloc to JEMalloc as the custom
      memory allocator, this commit removes every instance of the flag
      TCMALLOC_LIBRARIES_LINKTIME in all the CMakeList.txt files. This flag
      was never used by the code, so this commit is invisible project-wise.
  24. 19 Aug, 2020 1 commit
    • Alice Russell's avatar
      Re #28693 Make suggested changes · bef45100
      Alice Russell authored
      - Move all code for getting the data inside samplingimage
      - resolve issue where zooming was incorrect
      - corrects approach so it will work for numeric y axis (not just spectra)
  25. 14 Aug, 2020 2 commits
    • Matt Cumber's avatar
      Clang Format Fix · 7202678c
      Matt Cumber authored
    • Matt Cumber's avatar
      Made changes as requested · 7452bb25
      Matt Cumber authored
      Updated python interface to match changes to getDescriptors along with new test. Cleaned up code in create algorithm for easier reading. updated unit tests to reflect these changes.
      re: #29131
  26. 13 Aug, 2020 1 commit
    • Gigg, Martyn Anthony's avatar
      Introduce package SITE_PACKAGES CMake variable · 66bb67c5
      Gigg, Martyn Anthony authored
      Allows the location of the installed Python packages
      to be updated more easily in the future. This is not
      so easy while currently bundling MantidPlot/MantidWorkbench
      together but once MantidPlot disappears it will allow
      modification of the packaged location more easily.
      Also introduces a CMake variable to define the tag
      used by the dynamic loader to identify the path of the
      loading resource. Reduces copy and paste of setting
      RPATH entities in the Python framework
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