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  1. 30 Nov, 2021 1 commit
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    • Danny Hindson's avatar
      Modify step calculation to give exact result · cf803447
      Danny Hindson authored
      Replace exp()-1 with expm1()
      Fix more system test files after focus binning change
      There is a POLARIS V file that is stored twice - as a reference file
      (ISIS_Powder-POLARIS00098532_splined.nxs) and also as an input file
      I've updated both this time although previously people have only updated
      the ref file. Perhaps this chaining of the files should be removed at some
      point because it seems inevitable that people won't always remember to
      update both
      Similar to POLARIS - update the V file both as an output
      and as an input (HRPD66031_splined.nxs)
    • Duc Le's avatar
      PyChop: Fix 'None' phase bug · 8632e4e8
      Duc Le authored
      * Change default phase if not specified
        in yaml to `0` from `None`
      * Wrap callbacks in a `try`/`except` to show message instead
        of raising errors. (Normal calls still raise so must be caught)
      * Reverted previous changes which removed `raise` since
        the functions are now wrapped.
      * Flake8 fixes in ``
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