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      Merge pull request #32381 from peterfpeterson/findpeaks_test · 8b091ee4
      Savici, Andrei T authored
      Add unit test to help diagnose StripPeaks
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      Merge pull request #32440 from mantidproject/0_CheckIndexIsWithinRangeBeforeDeletion · f9c6ff0c
      Gagik Vardanyan authored
      Result table global parameters should have a non-zero error
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      Drill samples refactoring (#32059) · 0063b501
      Guillaume Communie authored
      * [DRILL] drill parameter refactoring
      * [DRILL] model adds the samples
      * [DRILL] refactor DrillSample class
      * [DRILL] remove sample id from the parameters
      * [DRILL] samples know the controller
      * [DRILL] inject controller in parameter
      * [DRILL] new sample presenter class
      * [DRILL] new parameter presenter class
      * [DRILL] create new parameter
      * [DRILL] table keeps track of sample presenters
      This is needed to avoid suppression of presenter references by the GC.
      * [DRILL] new table item class
      This item is now used in the drill table.
      * [DRILL] connect modification signals in table/item
      * [DRILL] propagate parameter changes to model
      * [DRILL] avoid loop in item signals
      * [DRILL] method to delete a parameter from a sample
      * [DRILL] remove param checks from DrillModel
      The parameters check themselves. The model does not know about them.
      * [DRILL] samples signal their own processing state
      * [DRILL] connect sample processing state
      * [DRILL] special MVP for the custom options
      CustomOptions could contain a list of several parameters. In this
      situation, the presenter keeps track of all the parameter names and
      rewritte all of them after each edit of the table item.
      * [DRILL] use DrillTableItem in DrillTable
      * [DRILL] cell background is moved to table items
      * [DRILL] get processing parameters from samples
      * [DRILL] sample MVP on add row
      * [DRILL] samples signal on their own status
      * [DRILL] add output name in samples
      * [DRILL] samples take care of their own group
      * [DRILL] table has to be enabled to get rows
      * [DRILL] samples log their own processing status
      * [DRILL] custom options in sample only
      * [DRILL] useless function
      Now, groups are known by samples only.
      * [DRILL] model does not know the groups
      * [DRILL] model does not know master samples
      * [DRILL] model signals new samples
      * [DRILL] samples signal on new parameter
      * [DRILL] parameters signal on value changed
      * [DRILL] inject controller in parameter
      * [DRILL] properly remove cell background
      * [DRILL] get mantid property info in parameter
      * [DRILL] model keeps the processing parameters
      * [DRILL] dedicated MVP for settings
      * [DRILL] properly import the samples
      * [DRILL] properly import the global settings
      * [DRILL] properly import the groups
      * [DRILL] sample MVPs take care of their data
      * [DRILL] properly reset the drill table
      * [DRILL] window modified at right moments
      * [DRILL] use the correct item
      * [DRILL] save numpy array property as python list
      * [DRILL] properly save the global settings
      * [DRILL] properly save the samples
      * [DRILL] properly save the groups
      * [DRILL] extract boolean from custom options
      * [DRILL] model does know about columns
      * [DRILL] delete empty parameters
      When a cell is cleared, the corresponding parameter is deleted from the
      * [DRILL] window not modified when loading a file
      * [DRILL] task signals use string not int
      * [DRILL] group index starts at 0
      But displayed value starts at 1
      * [DRILL] typo
      * [DRILL] recompute group index when ungrouping
      * [DRILL] new method to add samples to a group
      * [DRILL] get group names in context menu
      * [DRILL] protect against unsupported instruments
      * [DRILL] add method to set the instrument in view
      * [DRILL] set instrument when syncing the header
      * [DRILL] add cancel button
      When the popop asking for data saving appears, there is now a way to
      cancel the action.
      * [DRILL] propagate cancel action of data save popup
      * [DRILL] master state reset when group change
      * [DRILL] update sample tests
      * [DRILL] add tests for drill parameter
      * [DRILL] add drill parameter doc strings
      * [DRILL] remove useless function
      The cell tooltips are handled by the table items and sample presenters.
      * [DRILL] remove useless function
      * [DRILL] remove useless functions
      * [DRILL] keep private member names coherent
      * [DRILL] document _disabled variable
      * [DRILL] update drill table tests
      * [DRILL] update rundex io tests
      * [DRILL] remove useless function
      * [DRILL] master samples have to be in a group
      * [DRILL] add view getter for the acquisition mode
      * [DRILL] synchronize instrument/mode at startup
      * [DRILL] column is a view concept
      * [DRILL] formatting
      * [DRILL] adaptation of model tests
      * [DRILL] missing parameter
      * [DRILL] adapt controller tests
      * [DRILL] adapt view tests
      * [DRILL] add a status in sample
      The status of the sample informs on its processing state. This status is
      updated by the processing engine but also when a parameter is added or
      * [DRILL] typo
      * [DRILL] check sample validity before processing
      * [DRILL] simplification of parameter validation
      * [DRILL] avoid signal repetition
      * [DRILL] propagate checks on custom options
      * [DRILL] delete parameter when empty
      * [DRILL] add default empty error message
      * [DRILL] increase sleep for more fluidity
      * [DRILL] update sample status if not none
      * [DRILL] connect to custom option check signals
      * [DRILL] remove badly formatted custom options
      * [DRILL] keep master sample when changing group
      * [DRILL] add a way to unset the master sample
      * [DRILL] labels are handled by the table
      * [DRILL] row background is handled in DrillTable
      * [DRILL] cell contents handled by DrillTable
      * [DRILL] presenter needs a reference to the table
      * [DRILL] get selected rows from table directly
      * [DRILL] get all rows from table directly
      * [DRILL] remove background of empty cells
      * [DRILL] show only settings in settings dialog
      * [DRILL] connect settings validation signals
      * [DRILL] unused import
      * [DRILL] unused import
      * [DRILL] unused import
      * [DRILL] parameters are valid by default
      * [DRILL] set windowModified flag
      * [DRILL] set output ws name from sample index
      * [DRILL] update dril table tests
      * [DRILL] process group mechanism
      * [DRILL] unused variable
      * [DRILL] bug when erasing cells
      * [DRILL] not None check
      * [DRILL] item MVP manage their own modofication
      * [DRILL] datachanged emitted when MVP ready
      * [DRILL] DrillTableItem::setData emit a signal
      * [DRILL] clear columns list before setting it
      * [DRILL] load visual settings
      * [DRILL] adapt table widget tests
      * [DRILL] missing documentation
      * [DRILL] update presenter tests
      * [DRILL] update model tests
      * [DRILL] adapt view tests
      * [DRILL] synchronize default visual settings
      * [DRILL] adapt drill tests
      * [DRILL] adapt sample tests
      * [DRILL] unused statement
      * [DRILL] exceptions are passed
      * [DRILL] unused imports
      * [DRILL] avoid too complex warning on load
      * [DRILL] unused parameter
      * [DRILL] unused import
      * [DRILL] mock config
      * [DRILL] typo in member name
      * [DRILL] textChanegd signal works in system test
      * [DRILL] import what is needed
      * [DRILL] import what is needed
      * [DRILL] update creation date
      * [DRILL] update creation date
      * [DRILL] use filter
      * [DRILL] name consistency
      * [DRILL] new sample group class
      * [DRILL] group index and master in DrillSampleGroup
      * [DRILL] order sample in group
      * [DRILL] properly remove sample and update group
      * [DRILL] check if the sample group is empty
      * [DRILL] group samples with new DrillSampleGroup
      * [DRILL] ungroup samples with new DrillSampleGroup
      * [DRILL] obtain list of groups from model
      * [DRILL] adapt context menu to DrillSampleGroup
      * [DRILL) add to group with the new DrillSampleGroup
      * [DRILL] update group name when adding a sample
      * [DRILL] set master sample with DrillSampleGroup
      * [DRILL] update old and new master sample state
      * [DRILL] process parameter with DrillSampleGroup
      * [DRILL] process group with DrillSampleGroup
      * [DRILL] useless function
      * [DRILL] adapt model tests with DrillSampleGroup
      * [DRILL] adapt sample tests with DrillSampleGroup
      * [DRILL] StringArray property type was missing
      * [DRILL] convert only 1d array to list
      * [DRILL] more readable
      * [DRILL] sample group tests
      * [DRILL] useless function
      * [DRILL] more compact
      * [DRILL] delete from group when samples are deleted
      * [DRILL] properly save group
      * [DRILL] sample groups is a dict
      * [DRILL] add a getter for samples in group
      * [DRILL] save group in rundex from dict
      * [DRILL] load group in drill
      * [DRILL] unused variable
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      Merge pull request #32429 from mantidproject/SCD113_addCmapsToSliceViewer · 2fd049b5
      Peterson, Peter authored
      Add customized colormaps to slice viewer
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      Merge pull request #32345 from mantidproject/sans758_instrview_camera · c4726530
      Peterson, Peter authored
      Instrument viewer projection fix
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      auto register reverse cmap as well · addbc6a2
      Zhang, Chen authored
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      Increase tolerances for some peaks · 4be8a7a7
      Peterson, Peter authored
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      Merge pull request #32421 from peterfpeterson/remove_cmake_mantidplot · 77e126ee
      Gagik Vardanyan authored
      Remove last mention of mantidplot in the build system
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      Merge pull request #32438 from mantidproject/qt4agg-to-qt5agg-minimal · 951b5b55
      Gagik Vardanyan authored
      Switch to hard-coded Qt5 matplotlib backend in subplots
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      Refs #0. Add release notes. · a8edd6dd
      Robert Applin authored
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      Merge pull request #32394 from mantidproject/Fix_max_fit_range_for_Msd_andIqt_fit · 5a838aa4
      Gigg, Martyn Anthony authored
      Fix bug limiting fit range on IDA fitting tabs
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      Merge pull request #32338 from mantidproject/6.2_Reflect_release_notes · cb99e265
      Gigg, Martyn Anthony authored
      Main Cleanup of Reflectometry release notes
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      Switch to hard-coded Qt5 matplotlib backend · f3e9af72
      Martyn Gigg authored
      Mixing Qt4/Qt5 could be dangerous in the same process
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