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    • Steve K's avatar
      Update SANS-Toml-v1.rst · 115ff45e
      Steve K authored
      Notes to clarify behaviour of the old BACK commands.
    • Zhou, Wenduo's avatar
      Deprecate GetDetOffsetsMultiPeaks. · 18e258b0
      Zhou, Wenduo authored
    • Danny Hindson's avatar
      Fix problem with sorting of events · 51203621
      Danny Hindson authored
      The LoadEventNexus algorithm is run without compression and the events
      in the Nexus file are not already sorted by pulse time, the algorithm
      is incorrectly labelling them as sorted by pulse time. This change fixes
      the problem by always looping through the "used" detectors even if
      loading without compression
      This problem was causing FilterByTime to incorrectly slice up an event
      file by time. A lot of events were assigned to the last second of a run
      when slicing by time