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  1. 19 Mar, 2020 1 commit
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  3. 16 Mar, 2020 3 commits
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      Fix all flake 3.7.9 warnings · 4b23c0a4
      David Fairbrother authored
      Fixes all flake8 3.7.9 warnings as part of the Python 2->3 transition.
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      Further work on applying cmake GenerateExportHeader · a8c3109c
      Danny Hindson authored
      Apply change to insert export macros into class definition using cmake GenerateExportHeader
      feature to 3 more projects: API, Crystal and CurveFitting
      Have replaced DllExport with the cmake macro except in these places:
      a) class templates - the definitions of class template member functions need to be in the
      same unit as the declaration so dllimport gives a compilation error in the client code
      (C2491 in VS) eg SingleValueParameter, SingleValueParameterParser
      b) headers which are in a project but aren't included by any .cpp units in the project
      eg IBackgroundFunction.h, ICatalogInfoService.h. In these cases I've removed the DLLExport
      attribute completely
      For the API target there were a couple of special cases\extras:
      API has some conditional use of the extern keyword to control instantiation of template
      classes. This has been inserted into the automatically created dllconfig.h using a cmake
      switch that allows some custom content to be appended to the end of the file. Few of the
      targets require this so I've added a boolean parameter to the wrapper function to handle
      I also had to add explicit include directories to PythonInterfaceCore where it imports an
      API target header (in the unit ExtractWorkspace.h) without having API as a dependency
  4. 13 Mar, 2020 4 commits
    • David Fairbrother's avatar
      Re #26703 Replace deprecated API with tbb:global_control · fa503553
      David Fairbrother authored
      Replaces the deprecated scheduler_init with global_control. This should
      future proof us, and completely avoids all the threading issues we were
      seeing previously.
      The TBB_PREVIEW_GLOBAL_CONTROL macro is required until TBB 2019U4, or 11
      internally. So for simplicity we will make platforms using an older
      version of TBB (RHEL7 and Ubuntu at writing) switch to scheduler init
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      Replace final header guards missed by auto replace with pragma once · 713daedc
      Harriet Brown authored
      This commit removes the final header guard that had
      been missed by the auto replacer.
      re: #28200
    • David Fairbrother's avatar
      Re #26703 Fix TBB Threading issue · 42793d09
      David Fairbrother authored
      Fixes the following assertion thrown by TBB:
      	Attempt to terminate non-local scheduler instance
      This took a significant amount of time to track down due to a number of
      factors. If your looking for a quick fix; set your
      tbb::task_scheduler_init to use thread local storage.
      This is caused by using Python multi-processing (in our case for the
      system tests). The process will spawn correctly (Windows), however
      Python will helpfully create seperate thread(s). I assume to observe. In
      this case the task_scheduler_init handle would then belong to one of
      these threads, as the act of importing our Python module would init the
      framework and TBB implicitly.
      When the tests run and TBBs scheduling is required it will "sign_on" in
      tbb's governor.cpp to handle scheduling. This works because the
      scheduler_init handle
      is process wide. However internally they then use thread local storage
      (TLS) for tracking the scheduler.
      As the main process goes to destruct it assumes that we must have
      a scheduler instance, since at process level we have done the init.
      But we cannot see any schedulers since they belong to a different
      thread. We have been getting away with this as the TLS returns NULL
      which effectively nops the destruction. But the assert correctly points
      out were getting this wrong.
      Marking each handle to the scheduler as thread local effectively ties
      the destruction of the thread to its init status. For most threads this
      effectively means we create a unique_ptr which isn't used. But for our
      main threads and weird edge case worker threads it keeps the thread
      state consistent.
      We've used a unique_ptr since we have an API which allows us to change
      the number of threads TBB can spin up. However, anyone else facing this
      issue would probably be fine with a thread local object allocated on the
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      cpp-check · 9cb86f78
      Hahn, Steven authored
      Signed-off-by: Hahn, Steven's avatarSteven Hahn <>
  5. 12 Mar, 2020 1 commit
    • Gigg, Martyn Anthony's avatar
      Deprecate simpleapi Dialog functions. · 2ce2f29d
      Gigg, Martyn Anthony authored
      They have low to zero usage and at this point are
      just a maintenance burden. They do not work in
      workbench and are not worth the effort to port.
      In the future it would be better to replace input
      in workbench with a function that raises a generic
  6. 11 Mar, 2020 4 commits
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      clang-format · b8de3bd2
      Hahn, Steven authored
      Signed-off-by: Hahn, Steven's avatarSteven Hahn <>
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      Use cmake generate_mantid_export_header to generate DllConfig.h · 81a33152
      Danny Hindson authored
      This is being done in stages. I've made this change on the Algorithms project
      The change consists of removing the manually created DllConfig.h header and replacing
      it with one generated during the build by cmake. The MANTID_ALGORITHMS_DLL macro defined
      in DllConfig.had was already partially used in the Algorithms project - so some classes
      had the attribute DllExport and others already used MANTID_ALGORITHMS_DLL.
      I've made it so all classes now use MANTID_ALGORITHMS_DLL.
      The DllExport macro was defined in Kernel\System.h so I've removed this include from a
      lot of files and replaced it with MantidAlgorithms\DllConfig.h.
      As an aside the client projects that use Algorithms such as AlgorithmsTest were working
      without this change so it appears that having DllImport present on a class definition
      (which is what MANTID_ALGORITHMS_DLL expands to in client executables) is optional
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      Remove header guards in IMDDimension.cpp · cee269c5
      Harriet Brown authored
      This commit removes the unneeded header guards in IMDDimension.cpp
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