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      refs #9257. Fix GCC warning. · 584810bd
      Owen Arnold authored
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      refs #9257. Fix RHEL6 errors and warnings. · 1d60bf38
      Owen Arnold authored
      Add better documentation.
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      refs #9257. Working clusterregister. · cfeca165
      Owen Arnold authored
      ClusterRegister fixed. Test cases work (unit) as well as the test scripts
      that I have marked as broken previously.
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      refs #9257. Trying to fix a bug with merge on ClusterRegister · c013609c
      Owen Arnold authored
      The problem does not get picked up in the unit tests, and only occurs with
      a real dataset to work on. The problem is that we get a overloaded stack
      due to some clusters becoming their own children. When the getLabel is
      then called on the compositecluster, it results in an overloaded stack. I
      think this could be fixed by changing the logic and working of the merge
      method to use a member vector<set<label_id> > to track each cluster group
      for the incomplete clusters, and only generating the composites (which
      would only ever by one level deep) at the end of the process.
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      refs #9257. Add composite cluster. · 75614849
      Owen Arnold authored
      A composite cluster will fix the problem I've been having. Namely that the clusters are processed in parallel to get the uniform min, but the order that they are processed in will affect the end labeling. If clusters are set up as composites before hand. This will not be a problem.