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  1. 24 May, 2021 1 commit
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      Changes to suppress Visual Studio compiler warnings · 093c6bd4
      Danny Hindson authored
      C4996. Warning that std::shared_ptr::unique() has been deprecated
      Added a suppression to the MSVCSetup.cmake file. This is a bit of
      a stop gap while an alternative solution is investigated
      C4250. Warning that Algorithm and all the derived classes inherit
      various methods "by dominance"
      PropertyManagerOwner has been added to the Algorithm class by composition
      instead of by inheritance which removes the diamond
      Lots of instances of IAlgorithm_sptr type have been replaced with
      "auto" to provide some extra flexibility around the arrangement of
      the class\interface hierarchy in future
      Also remove a couple of references to PropertyManagerOwner in case
      its removed in future (merged into Algorithm)
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