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......@@ -33,6 +33,34 @@ MDHistoWorkspaces
If the input is an :ref:`MDHistoWorkspace <MDHistoWorkspace>` :ref:`algm-BinMD` and :ref:`algm-SliceMD` are not made available as they needto get hold of the original MDEvents associated with an :ref:`MDEventWorkspace <MDWorkspace>` in order to perform the rebinning. As this information is missing from the MDHistoWorkspace images, those operations are forbidden. Instead, a limited subset of the operations are allowed, and are performed via :ref:`algm-IntegrateMDHistoWorkspace`. In this case, the Projection and NoPix properties are ignored. See :ref:`algm-IntegrateMDHistoWorkspace` for how the binning parameters are used.
Projection Binning
The 'PnBin' property, where n is between 1 and 5, is used to specify the binning for the nth dimension of the output workspace.
The dimension will be truncated to have extents 'minimum' and 'maximum', with 'stepsize' specifying the size of the bins inbetween.
'(maximum - minimum)/stepsize' is rounded down to produce an integer number, greater than or equal to 1, of equally-sized bins between 'minimum' and 'maximum'.
Note that if the output workspace is an MDEventWorkspace (NoPix=False), these properties define the top-level box structure of the workspace.
If many events fall within a single box it is split further, see the documentation for :ref:`MDEventWorkspace <MDWorkspace>`.
The PnBin parameters must match one of these three formats:
| Format | |
| [minimum, stepsize, maximum] | The dimension in the output workspace will extend |
| | from 'minimum' to 'maximum' with bins of width |
| | 'stepsize'. |
| [minimum, maximum] | A single bin will be created between 'minimum' and |
| | 'maximum'. |
| [stepsize] | The 'minimum' and 'maximum' are set to the dimension |
| | limits; the workspace is not cut in this dimension. |
For ease of use, when using the python interface only, the 'PBins' keyword can be used in place of separate PnBins properties.
PBins accepts a tuple, or list, of PnBins parameters. The position in the list determines the dimension it corresponds to. See the Usage_ examples below.
Creating Projections
......@@ -99,8 +127,8 @@ Workflow
.. diagram::
**Example - Contrived example using projections:**
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