Commit ec80631a authored by David Fairbrother's avatar David Fairbrother Committed by Gemma Guest
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Switch to childAlgorithm in LoadAndProcess

Switches to the new preprocess algorithm instead of loading directly.
Doesn't implement monitor handling currently.
Re #32125
parent f8bb044e
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
from mantid.api import (AlgorithmFactory, AnalysisDataService, DataProcessorAlgorithm,
from mantid.simpleapi import (LoadEventNexus, LoadNexus, MergeRuns, RenameWorkspace)
from mantid.simpleapi import MergeRuns
from mantid.kernel import (CompositeValidator, Direction, EnabledWhenProperty,
IntBoundedValidator, Property, PropertyCriterion,
......@@ -329,29 +329,24 @@ class ReflectometryISISLoadAndProcess(DataProcessorAlgorithm):
# the ADS
AnalysisDataService.addOrReplace(output_ws_name, ws_group)
def _renameWorkspaceBasedOnRunNumber(self, workspace_name, isTrans):
"""Rename the given workspace based on its run number and a standard prefix"""
new_name = self._prefixedName(_getRunNumberAsString(workspace_name), isTrans)
if new_name != workspace_name:
RenameWorkspace(InputWorkspace=workspace_name, OutputWorkspace=new_name)
# Also rename the monitor workspace, if there is one
if AnalysisDataService.doesExist(_monitorWorkspace(workspace_name)):
return new_name
def _loadRun(self, run, isTrans):
"""Load a run as an event workspace if slicing is requested, or a histogram
workspace otherwise. Transmission runs are always loaded as histogram workspaces."""
workspace_name = self._prefixedName(run, isTrans)
if not isTrans and self._slicingEnabled():
LoadEventNexus(Filename=run, OutputWorkspace=workspace_name, LoadMonitors=True)
event_mode = not isTrans and self._slicingEnabled()
args = {'InputRunList': [run], 'EventMode': event_mode}
alg = self.createChildAlgorithm('ReflectometryISISPreprocess', **args)
ws = alg.getProperty('OutputWorkspace').value
workspace_name = self._prefixedName(_getRunNumberAsString(ws), isTrans)
AnalysisDataService.addOrReplace(workspace_name, ws)
if event_mode:
self.log().information('Loaded event workspace ' + workspace_name)
LoadNexus(Filename=run, OutputWorkspace=workspace_name)
self.log().information('Loaded workspace ' + workspace_name)
workspace_name = self._renameWorkspaceBasedOnRunNumber(workspace_name, isTrans)
return workspace_name
def _sumWorkspaces(self, workspaces, isTrans):
......@@ -508,17 +503,16 @@ def _monitorWorkspace(workspace):
return workspace + '_monitors'
def _getRunNumberAsString(workspace_name):
def _getRunNumberAsString(workspace):
"""Get the run number for a workspace. If it's a workspace group, get
the run number from the first child workspace."""
workspace = AnalysisDataService.retrieve(workspace_name)
if not isinstance(workspace, WorkspaceGroup):
return str(workspace.getRunNumber())
# Get first child in the group
return str(workspace[0].getRunNumber())
raise RuntimeError('Could not find run number for workspace ' + workspace_name)
raise RuntimeError('Could not find run number for workspace ' + workspace.getName())
def _hasWorkspaceID(workspace_name, workspace_id):
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