Commit e8f1d2c3 authored by Karl Palmen's avatar Karl Palmen
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Merge pull request #13477 from mantidproject/13432_commands_display_dectector_table

Enables detector table to be generated from python
parents 8df6f4fd 3c5f0996
......@@ -1102,10 +1102,21 @@ Table* MantidUI::createTableDetectors(MantidMatrix *m)
return t;
* Show the detector table - this method is here for the Python interface
Table* MantidUI::createDetectorTable(const QString & wsName)
std::vector<int> indices;
Table* t = createDetectorTable(wsName, indices);
return t;
* Create the relevant detector table for the given workspace
* @param wsName :: The name of the workspace
* @param indices :: Limit the table to these workspace indices (MatrixWorkspace only)
* @param indices :: Limit the table to these workspace indices (MatrixWorkspace only). If the vector is empty,
* all the indices are used.
* @param include_data :: If true then first value from the each spectrum is displayed (MatrixWorkspace only)
Table* MantidUI::createDetectorTable(const QString & wsName, const std::vector<int>& indices, bool include_data)
......@@ -253,6 +253,9 @@ public:
// Creates and shows a Table with detector ids for the workspace in the MantidMatrix
Table* createTableDetectors(MantidMatrix *m);
/// create and shows a Table for the workspace from the Python script
Table* createDetectorTable(const QString &wsName);
/// Create a table showing detector information for the given workspace and indices and optionally the data for that detector
Table* createDetectorTable(const QString & wsName, const std::vector<int>& indices, bool include_data = false);
/// Create the instrument detector table from a MatrixWorkspace
......@@ -1710,6 +1710,7 @@ public:
Table* createTableFromSpectraList(const QString& tableName, const QString& workspaceName,
QList<int> indexList, bool errs=true, bool binCentres=false) /PyName = workspaceToTable/;
Table* importTableWorkspace(const QString&, bool = false, bool = false);
Table* createDetectorTable(const QString & wsName);
void setIsRunning(bool running);
bool createScriptInputDialog(const QString &, const QString &, const QString&, const QStringList&, const QStringList&);
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