Commit dd0cca2c authored by Mathieu Tillet's avatar Mathieu Tillet
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Fix sector copy constructor

parent b4d0543e
......@@ -636,10 +636,13 @@ Shape2DSector::Shape2DSector(double innerRadius, double outerRadius,
Shape2DSector::Shape2DSector(const Shape2DSector &sector) {
Shape2DSector(sector.m_innerRadius, sector.m_outerRadius, sector.m_startAngle,
sector.m_endAngle, sector.m_center);
Shape2DSector::Shape2DSector(const Shape2DSector &sector)
: Shape2D(), m_innerRadius(sector.m_innerRadius),
m_outerRadius(sector.m_outerRadius), m_startAngle(sector.m_startAngle),
m_endAngle(sector.m_endAngle), m_center(sector.m_center) {
* @brief Shape2DSector::selectAt
* Checks if the sector can be selected at a given point
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