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remove artifacts from vscode

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......@@ -40,11 +40,8 @@ Bugfixes
- Fixed a bug where the z-axis editor dialog was being initialised from the y-axis for a 3D plot.
- Fixed a bug with autoscaling of colorfill plots from within the figure options.
- Fixed an issue to plot negative values with logarithm scaling in slice view.
<<<<<<< HEAD
- Workbench will no longer hang if an algorithm was running when workbench was closed.
- Stopped workbench from ignoring GUIs that want to cancel closing
- Fixed a bug in the editor where uncommenting using 'ctrl+/' wasn't working correctly for lines of the form '<optional whitespace>#code_here # inline comment'.
>>>>>>> 0489d2b9fa2 (update release doc)
:ref:`Release 6.3.0 <v6.3.0>`
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