Commit d99128a2 authored by Owen Arnold's avatar Owen Arnold
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refs #7472. Fix errors in unit test.

parent 516cb690
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ class ReflectometryQuickAuxiliaryTest(unittest.TestCase):
# Should remove workspaces starting with _
cleaned_object_names = mtd.getObjectNames()
self.assertEqual(1, len(cleaned_object_names))
self.assertEqual(numObjectsOriginal+1, len(cleaned_object_names))
self.assertEqual(True, ('tokeep' in cleaned_object_names))
......@@ -82,7 +82,6 @@ class ReflectometryQuickAuxiliaryTest(unittest.TestCase):
instrument = quick.groupGet(mtd[self.__wsName][0].name(), 'inst')
self.assertEquals(expectedInstrument, instrument.getName(), "Did not fetch the instrument from ws")
def test_groupGet_histogram_count(self):
expectedNHistograms = mtd[self.__wsName][0].getNumberHistograms()
......@@ -101,15 +100,13 @@ class ReflectometryQuickAuxiliaryTest(unittest.TestCase):
expectedNPeriods = 2
# Test with group workspace as input
nPeriods = quick.groupGet(wsName, 'samp', 'nperiods')
nPeriods = quick.groupGet(self.__wsName, 'samp', 'nperiods')
self.assertEquals(expectedNPeriods, nPeriods, "Did not fetch the number of periods from ws group")
# Test with single workspace as input
nPeriods = quick.groupGet(mtd[wsName][0].name(), 'samp', 'nperiods')
nPeriods = quick.groupGet(mtd[self.__wsName][0].name(), 'samp', 'nperiods')
self.assertEquals(expectedNPeriods, nPeriods, "Did not fetch the number of periods from ws")
def test_groupGet_multi_value_log(self):
# Expected start theta, taken from the last value of the time series log.
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