Commit d7ea5e5a authored by Yuanpeng Zhang's avatar Yuanpeng Zhang Committed by Peterson, Peter
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Solve the issue with invalud height unit for absorption

parent bfc33ff4
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ import mantid.simpleapi
import numpy as np
import os
from functools import wraps
import warnings
_EXTENSIONS_NXS = ["_event.nxs", ".nxs.h5"]
......@@ -530,18 +531,25 @@ def create_absorption_input(
if geometry is not None:
if "Height" not in geometry or not geometry['Height']:
invalidUnit = False
# Check units - SetSample expects cm
if['BL11A:CS:ITEMS:HeightInContainerUnits'].lastValue() == "mm":
conversion = 0.1
elif['BL11A:CS:ITEMS:HeightInContainerUnits'].lastValue() == "cm":
conversion = 1.0
raise ValueError(
"HeightInContainerUnits expects cm or mm; specified units not recognized: ",['BL11A:CS:ITEMS:HeightInContainerUnits'].lastValue())
geometry['Height'] =['BL11A:CS:ITEMS:HeightInContainer'].lastValue(
) * conversion
unitVal =['BL11A:CS:ITEMS:HeightInContainerUnits'].lastValue()
warningMsg1 = "HeightInContainerUnits expects cm or mm;"
warningMsg2 = " specified units not recognized: {:s};".format(unitVal)
warningMsg3 = " we will reply on user input for sample density information."
warnings.warn(warningMsg1 + warningMsg2 + warningMsg3)
invalidUnit = True
if not invalidUnit:
geometry['Height'] =['BL11A:CS:ITEMS:HeightInContainer'].lastValue(
) * conversion
geometry = {}
# Set container if not set
if environment is not None:
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